Security and Visitor Safety at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Her Majesty’s Theatre takes Visitor Safety & Security seriously and provides the following guide for visitors attending a performance at the Theatre.

1. Her Majesty’s Theatre, 219 Exhibition St Melbourne is a Class 9B building, and as such complies with all relevant legislation & codes governing such buildings so far as is reasonably practicable.

2. Her Majesty’s Theatre maintains appropriate levels of building and public liability insurance.

3. Her Majesty’s Theatre employs competent staff who are trained according the Her Majesty’s Theatre Emergency Management Plan, which complies with required Australian Standard AS 3745-2010. Front of House Staff are on duty to provide service, assistance and safety measures for visitors.

4. Her Majesty’s Theatre monitors global and national events in conjunction with experts from National, State Emergency & Intelligence Services and our national security provider. Her Majesty’s Theatre is constantly reviewing security preparedness for visitors safety at the Theatre inline with the current national alert level and the latest advice from these experts.

5. Her Majesty’s Theatre is a Heritage-listed building, constructed as a lyric theatre in 1886:

  •  There are no elevators or escalators.
  • Step-free wheelchair access to the foyer is via the leftmost doors of the Main Theatre entrance on Exhibition Street or via The Maj Café. The Stalls is the only level accessible by wheelchair and the only level with an accessible restroom.
  • The Stalls level – ground floor. Step-free entry is via Door 3. The floor is gently raked, visitors with difficulty using stairs are advised to book seats in the Stalls.
  • The Dress Circle – first floor. The seating in the Dress Circle is tiered so there are steps to each row. There is a wide staircase of 26 steps with a gentle gradient to reach Door 4 (front half of the Dress Circle) and another 10 steps to reach Door 5 (back half of the Dress Circle).
  • The Grand Circle is the top level – third floor. The seating is tiered, so there are steps to each row. There are a total of 58 steps from the street entrance to the Grand Circle (Door 6).
  • Female and male restrooms are provided on every level.

6. Attendants will be on duty both inside the auditorium and outside it to assist visitors whenever the Theatre is open to the public. In the unlikely event of an emergency, they are trained to direct visitors to the nearest safe egress and visitors must follow their directions.

7. Her Majesty’s Theatre employs professional Security/Safety Officers to ensure all emergency safety measures are in place and in order at every performance. They also provide assistance to the Front of House Staff for visitor safety.

8. Paramedical first aid staff are on duty in the Theatre before, during and after every performance to assist Front of House Staff with medical issues or emergencies.

9. Every visitor’s experience of Her Majesty’s Theatre should be enjoyable, comfortable and safe. For this reason, the following provisions are conditions of entry:

  • Visitors to Her Majesty’s Theatre must respect the comfort and safety of others
  • For safety reasons, glassware and hot drinks are not permitted inside the auditorium
  • Theatre Staff are authorised to refuse entry to visitors who are intoxicated or disruptive, as well as to request them to leave should they become so
  • Visitors must present any bag (including a universal bag or back-pack) for inspection if requested by Theatre Staff
  • Visitors must follow instructions regarding the use of recording equipment, mobile phones and cameras in the auditorium
  • Theatre Staff are authorised to request visitors to erase recordings or to surrender recording equipment
  • Theatre Staff are authorised to summon Police for assistance when necessary

10.Production Advisory Notices are displayed at auditorium doors to inform visitors of aspects of the production that may affect, upset or offend them. Please read these carefully before entering the auditorium.

HMT Visitor’s Safety Guide_v1.2              May 2017

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