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In our continuing attempt to get to know a little bit more about the people that make the Maj tick, this month we sat down with HMT’s Administration guru (amongst many other things at the theatre) – the one and only – Mary A’Vard!


HMT BTS Mary A from Her Majesty's Theatre on Vimeo.

Starting work at HMT in 2001 as the Project Secretary for the core works rebuild in 2001 Mary just stayed on and now 17 years later after a lot of desk swapping and a name change, she is still here, still loving walking in those doors every day.

Although Mary focuses on the business and administrative side of theatre, she also assists with VIP ticketing and hospitality services which bring her a great deal of joy. “Helping patrons to enjoy the very best that we have to offer is pretty easy when you’re selling for the best theatre in the country”.

Mary met her partner here when he was the Head Electrician and eventually married him, and she counts him as one of the best things she has seen on stage at HMT. Given this, she really should have known how many light globes there were in the awning!

There is a lot to love in this building on stage and off, the people, the shows, the wonderful staff, and Mary says it’s been pretty fabulous to have played a part in it also.

And what a part she’s played!  Thanks for all you do around the theatre Mary – this place truly wouldn’t be the same without you!

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