Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Mike Walsh OBE and Her Majesty’s Theatre congratulate Francine Cain, the winner of the Rob Guest Endowment for 2010 as presented by the ANZ Trustees Foundation. Francine was among 6 finalists, Drew Weston, Bree Langridge, Sarah Bakker, Simon Brook McLachlan and Nathan Derrick in this year’s competition. Her brilliant performance of “Shy” and “Maybe I Like It This Way”, swayed judges Kellie Dickerson, Roger Hodgman, Karen Johnson Mortimer, Jon Nicholls and Guy Simpson.

Francine-Cain-RGE-2010-WebWith very spirited hosting by Bert Newton, the concert again saw some of Australia’s finest musical theatre performers take the stage including Rachael Beck, Danielle Barnes and Mandy Carnie, Chris Horsey, Mark Hill, Matt Lee, Leah Howard, Amanda Harrison, David Harris, Lucy Durack, Matthew Robinson, Esther Hannaford, Chris Parker, Rhonda Burchmore, Tom Burlinson, Chloe Dallimore, Michael Cormick, Danielle Matthews PLUS performances by the cast of WICKED and MARY POPPINS.

After the sudden death of Rob Guest OBE in 2008, and in recognition of his achievements in the musical theatre industry, ANZ Trustees established a memorial fund in honour to help emerging young performers in music theatre. The Rob Guest Endowment Award was first held last year, and shall be given annually to an emerging musical theatre star selected by a panel of industry experts and, together with an array of events that take place across the country, this initiative will continue to provide a supportive, nurturing and exciting environment for young Australian stars to flourish within. Details of finalists and winner for 2009 may be found here.