Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

The Australian Cast for Mary Poppins was announced overnight, with one notable exception! Who will play the lead role of Mary is still up in the air, and the search continues.

Speaking before the Los Angeles premiere of Mary Poppins, the co-producers Cameron Mackintosh and Thomas Schumacher said their team had auditioned 20 possible Marys. “We have seen many talented people but not yet someone with the right chemistry,” Mackintosh said.

“We are willing to see anyone,” Schumacher said. “If anyone wants to send us a letter, or a CD or post a clip on YouTube, we will look at it.” The role, he said, was a little out of the ordinary. “If you think of Julie Andrews in the Disney movie you get an idea of what we’re looking for: a triple threat music theatre performer, someone with star quality, of course. But apart from singing and dancing and considerable acting ability, the role calls for that somewhat unconventional look, that elusive personality, that extra “magic” that connects with the audience and that is the essence of Mary Poppins.”

The all-star cast that has been announced include:

  • Matt Lee as Bert
  • Philip Quast as Mr George Banks
  • Marina Prior as Mrs Winifred Banks
  • Sally Anne Upton as Mrs Brill
  • Christopher Rickerby as Robertson Ay
  • Judi Connelli as Miss Andrew
  • Debra Byrne as The Bird Woman

The children’s roles will be auditioned and announced next year.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the role of Mary in Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand should contact their agent, or visit http://www.disney.com.au/marypoppins/#/casting/ for role requirements and more casting information.

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