Chic Cocktail Lounge

Betty Pounder Room Cocktail Lounge   –   30-90 guests


Escape the rush of the bustling foyers, relax and unwind in the Betty Pounder Room, sparkling as your private Cocktail Lounge.

Don’t wait in the foyers, instead make a reservation to the Betty Pounder Lounge. Your exclusive reservation opens the door to a private cocktail bar, sumptuous couches and peaceful and private surroundings. Arrive before the show for a refreshing Belvedere cocktail or sparkling Chandon, a gift bag, and tasting plates of tapas. Come back at Interval for dessert platters and cheeseboards. You’ll never want to experience theatre any other way again.

cocktail-flashExclusive Reservations

Contact the Hospitality Department by email or call (03) 8643 3304, to make your reservation.