Jolene Anderson

Jolene Anderson performed in the solo show Tell Me On A Sunday in September 2008. Leading up to the show, Jolene went from success to success, starting in All Saints in 2006, winning It Takes Two, being nominated for a Logie in 2007 and landing the lead role in Tell Me On A Sunday. HMT asked Jolene just how she managed to keep up!

Jolene Anderson: Well, as they say…I’m young!

HMT: Are you excited about playing the lead role of ‘our girl’ in TMOAS?
JA: The only role! I was excited, then nervous, then excited and I’m sure my emotions will change again – it’s a huge role for anyone.

HMT: TMOAS is a one-woman performance. How do you feel about being the only person onstage?
JA: The thought was a little daunting but now that I’ve started rehearsals, the show seems to be falling into place.

HMT: You’ve played Erica Templeton in All Saints for two years. What is it like to switch from being a screen actor, to a stage actor?
JA: I get to be a little more larger than life on stage, though I must say that TMOAS is quite an intimate show.

HMT: You are renowned for having won It Takes Two on Channel 7. What was it like to win, and did it change your life at all?
JA: I think I won when I got teamed up with David Campbell!! We had a ball and he also taught me a lot about being a versatile performer.

HMT: It’s been a busy few years for you. What does the future hold for Jolene Anderson?
JA: A lot more of the same I hope.

HMT: For those who haven’t yet bought tickets, what makes TMOAS not-to-be-missed?
JA: It’s a story every girl can relate to.