Her Majesty’s Theatre operates principally as a venue for hire. We do not produce shows. Consequently, we do not employ creative staff, actors, musicians or stage managers who work on productions – these personnel come with the production.


There are currently no positions available.

Technical Staff

All technical staff at Her Majesty’s are employed on a casual basis. We have a substantial roster of staff to call on for productions so available positions are rare.

If you have previous experience working backstage in a lyric theatre and would like to make yourself known to us, please send an email, with a CV or resume attached, to our Production & Capital Works Manager at admin@hmt.com.au.

Box Office Staff

The Box Office at Her Majesty’s Theatre is managed and staffed by TICKETEK. All inquiries regarding employment with TICKETEK should be made directly to them.

Other positions

There are no other positions currently available. Positions will be clearly advertised for Front of HouseAttendants or Food & Beverage Attendants when they are available.

Responses to enquiries

It is not always possible to reply to correspondence. All enquiries received are read, they may be retained for future reference but not likely to be responded to if there are no positions vacant at the time.